I am a mother, a full-time girlfriend, finantial assistant and at the end of the day I might be able to shoot someone!
From a very young age I discovered the passion for photography. It all started with the first camera, offered by my father at the age of fourteen. The camera became a part of my personal objects and photography the favorite hobby. 
At the age of 19 I studied analogue photography at the art school Ar.Co - Centro de Arte & Comunicação Visual.
 After 20 years, photography has become part of my daily life again when I decided to recover this long time passion and I ended up finishing the Professional Course of Photography Technician, in IEFP Setúbal, with an internship as a photojournalist in Público newspaper.
I like people in photography...and if there are animals even better. Landscape photography bores me!
I prefer spontaneous images, whether they are outside or inside the studio. I always carry my camera with me and when I see something that catches my eye I "shoot".I have two children (a boy and a girl), a fluffy dog, a naughty cat and a lovely boyfriend who are my favourite "models" and the main focus of my lens.
I also love analogue photography and would love to explore the older photographic techniques.I have a predilection for humanistic pictures in a photojournalistic style where black and white photography predominates, which I love!
My desire is to turn this hobby into a life project with professional quality.
Photo by: Ricardo Carvalho (@widethefuckopen)
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